Saturday, February 05, 2011


Had a nice morning snorkel off of the Rannahi Resort and then motor sailed to small island called Vaagali (03 56.959N, 073 21.439E).

Vaagli according to Ibrahim is what is known as a "Picnic Island" it is a place where the Safari Boats and day trippers from Male would come to have a picnic enjoying the remoteness of the location but, still having enough facilities to make it enjoyable. On this day the only person we could see was the caretaker and the only reason we could see him is because he came out to the dock to to check his fishing line.

We stayed here for lunch lunch and the all important afternoon nap. After which we snorkeled along the reef. Because of it's location on the outer edge of the atoll there was a bit of a current so we just drifted along the reef until we waved for a pick up.  Since it was getting late we had our afternoon snacks while under way:

A some Maldivian fish croquettes and  some more of the Tuna that was caught yesterday in sandwiches too. Mmmm.
We anchored for the night at Vaaredhah Falhu (04 02.636N, 073 22.910E)

As you can see from the above there are quite a few reefs in the area. You really need good light in order to be able to see them. During mid day it's not so bad but, in the late afternoon it does become a problem  to make them out in these waters.

Surprisingly, it's day five and we've yet to see a perfect sunrise or sunset. Despite usually having clear views to the horizon.  That's not to say the sunsets have not been dramatic:

But, so far none of them have been that perfect sunset where the red sun dips below the horizon unobscured by clouds. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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