Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Years ago I read a book called SOUL OF A NEW MACHINE  . It chronicled the story of a company and the people who were building a new computer back in the late seventies. In the book one overworked burnt out engineer after dealing with digital signals moving around and circuits switching in nanosecond time frames decided he had had enough. He quit and left a note on the computer screen in his cubicle. The note read something like: 'I refuse to deal with any time frame shorter than a season from now on.'  Seems like a good idea to me.

Some people use the sighting of birds to signal the start of a new season. This sailor uses other signs. The cockpit of BIANKA becomes my personal crows nest when the boat is on land for the winter season. From there I can look out over the harbor and see the signs. The town requires that all boats (except the commercial fisherman) vacate the harbor and all moorings have to be pulled and inspected before next season. So the harbor takes on a rather stark look in mid winter from my vantage point:

Then one day I go to the boat look out over the harbor and there it is. The first boat of the season tied up to it's mooring. To me it's like seeing the first Robin returning in the spring. 

Then a few days later another one mysteriously appears to keep the first arrival company:



Allan S said...

Loved this hit the nail on the head about boats and water....its the small, mundane things like what you wrote about that makes me smile...Allan

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks Allan! Yes, It's been a long cold winter. Now it's time to start setting sail again.

Fair winds.