Sunday, September 18, 2011


As I mentioned I had to leave BIANKA back in late August just before Hurricane Irene hit. I returned two weeks later.  I spent a day removing all the preparations I had put in place for the storm and also reinstalled the anchor it it's proper place in the bow. All this in order to head out on a late summer cruise to New York.  I left early one morning escorted out the harbor by some of the local lobster boats heading out to check their traps. I sailed all day toward Oyster Bay. I arrived in late afternoon. It was a gorgeous summer evening. But, something felt different as I sailed into the entrance to Cold Spring Harbor.  There were no boats around. It  first struck me as odd that none were sailing on such a nice evening. Then I remembered it's after Labor Day. The "unofficial end of summer". That is if your listen to the mainstream media. I felt sad for those who take their word for it and put away their sailing shoes for the season. But, I  rejoiced as I saw one sailboat suddenly appear to enjoy the sunset scene with me. The solo skipper sailed by the anchored BIANKA and we waved to each other. I called out to him "summers not over yet eh"  I took this photo as he sailed by and headed toward  the sunset:

It's just too bad so many others are not enjoying scenes like this. Just because some electronic talking head has told them summer is over. I checked my calender and it just ain't so.

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