Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Well, sitting around in front of computer all winter has caused Capt. Mike to put on a few pounds. Pounds that I did not really need. So I felt the need to get some exercise in my life to counteract that until the sailing season starts here on the Isle of Long. During the summer it's easy enough to jump off the side of BIANKA and get in some free range swimming and exercise. But, this time of year when the water is in the low 50's it's a little too cold for swimming. So I thought perhaps I might join a local health club. One that has pool. But, that requires a sign up fee and monthly dues. Plus soon I'll be living and cruising on board BIANKA and won't be wanting to spend too much time on land. Especially inside a building. Then I had an idea: What about a buying a wetsuit?   It's cheaper than a health club membership in the long run plus it would get me swimming NOW. I could use it on the boat and would also extend the swimming season well into the fall as well. Besides swimming in pools is rather boring. With a wet suitglovesboots and a hood  I find can swim for an hour or more in fifty two degree waters. So these days I come down to the boatyard and go for swim for an hour. Then go work on the boat. Yep! I'm going in!

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