Thursday, June 07, 2012


Corky and Sue raised the anchor of Surprise we continue to head northward. At mid morning we arrived at Compass Cay.  Compass Cay has the Compass Cay Marina which like the Staniel Cay Yacht Club welcomes cruisers who like to tie up to a dock rather than anchor out.

While not as big as the Staniel Cay Yacht club operation. There are signs of expansion going on. Including a "Tiki Bar" which was under construction. We anchored outside and took the dingy in. Corky advised us if we wanted we could have lunch on the dock. The proverbial Cheeseburger in paradise.

Getting off the dingy dock the facing wall is full of signs from boats that have passed this way:

and also some fishing philosophy:

plus some unique creature art renderings:

But, what people really come here to do is swim with the sharks:

Who prowl right under the dingy dock:

Of course those who jump in may not have noticed these signs on the dock:

Not a problem for Capt. Mike as I had no intention of taking a dip with the sharks even if they were Nurse sharks. We also passed on the Cheeseburger and were glad we did because Sue had whipped up a delicious shrimp curry soup for lunch back on Surprise.

After our standard afternoon nap we once again headed further north toward the end of Compass Cay and took the dingy to shore and saw this sign:

It was a short hike along a shallow delta:

After about ten minutes we finally came to our destination Rachels Bubble Bath:

A small cut in the rocks allows the water  from Exuma Sound to flood over the rocks and creates a natural jacuzzi in a pool of water just beyond:

That's Captain Corky on the rocks just next to the cut.  A dip in Rachel's Bubble Bath was a certainly refreshing way to end the day.

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