Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I awoke early and enjoyed listening to the twittering of Tropic Birds as they flew by. After breakfast we took the dingy over to place called Hammerhead Gulch. We jumped in for a snorkel and happily saw no hammer-headed Sharks. But, did encounter an somewhat aggressive large Remora:

I guess he had been waiting for a while in the area for one of the Hammerheads or any other shark to give him a free ride. But, it looks like we were the only game in town that day. Hammerhead Gulch was a little bit of a disappointment. Because it was so deep I think it would make a better dive than the snorkel we did. In fact a lot of the Exumas were a little disappointing for snorkeling during our trip. One would think there would be a whole lot more pristine coral reefs to dive and snorkel on but, we found that was not the case. Since this was our last full day in the Exumas I was ready to pack it in. But, we decided to do some scouting at a nearby cay. Happily we found a real nice snorkeling spot that saved the day. More on that in the next post.

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