Saturday, September 08, 2012


I ran out of water last night. Both water tanks on BIANKA were now empty. Well, it looks like I'll have to take the boat to the dock for the first time since June. So when I awoke at around six am I made plans to head over to the dock and refill the water tanks. Normally, this would be a liesurely procedure. I would first have my usual Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee  along with a muffin or perhaps a Granola bar. But, there was an added urgency this morning. The winds were currently 7 to 10 knots out of the south but, they were expected to pick up to 15 to 20 with higher gusts as a cold front approaches. I wanted to be off the dock before they pinned me to the dock if I could help it. So I skipped my wake up coffee. In the cockpit I planned my approach to tie up to the face dock  of the marina. I even took into account the falling tide and wanted the bow to face the current as I docked. I thought about the logistics and which side to put the fenders on. I took out my dock lines and fenders and rigged them up on the side that I was sure was my plan. After they were rigged I went forward to drop off the mooring and then realized that everything was rigged on the wrong side for my plan.  So I had to re position everything again.
LESSON LEARNED: Next time take fifteen minutes and have your coffee before working on any plans or urgent ideas in the morning.

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