Monday, September 10, 2012


I started this blog over six years ago for various reasons:
1) It was a way for me to document various projects I did on the boat and when I did them.
2) It was a place I could share information, tips and techniques with others. Helping them learn from my successes and also avoid some of mistakes I made as I have learned from others.
3) It was a place I could document my travels and  experiences in the watery parts of the world both on BIANKA and other boats.
I am happy to write for myself but, it is also nice to know that others find some of my thoughts, projects and travels useful. So I was pleased to open up an email this morning from Elizabeth Fitch that read in part:

"The Bianka Log Blog, has been selected to be featured on our Sailing Blogs Facebook page: We like to pick blog posts that are well-written, topical, and engaging, so congratulations!"

It's certainly a nice feeling to have THE BIANKA LOG BLOG looked at and highlighted by others. Thanks to all readers who tie up here on occasion! I really appreciate it.


Philip R. said...

Congratulations! Cap'n Mike

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks Phillip!