Friday, October 19, 2012


That electrified wire 
Will set your keester
On fire-   

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I was attaching some new lugs for my helm monitoring instrumentation project (I'll be documenting that here on The BIANKA LOG BLOG in the near future) when it happened. One of the lugs I had removed moved and hit the battery post of the battery next to it. It was less than a second of contact but, 2oo DC amps is something to respect. Here is the result:

The battery post melted slightly and part of the heavy duty lug melted and some of it disappeared completely. Another thing is when the lug melted it filled the inside of the mounting hole so I could no longer attach it over the battery mounting screw. I had to use my Dremel Rotary Tool to file it a little bit so I could put it back on even if temporarily. Next time I'll make sure to try and keep the other nearby lugs covered when making changes on the battery posts. Not that ones needs to do this often but, just a little caution can save you from being known as sparky.

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Jim Rock said...

Even more important is to remove rings, bracelets and chains around your neck. Fingers have been severed by rings and 12 volt batteries when there happens to be a dead short, perhaps through a screwdriver or pair of pliers.

Keep safe everyone.

Jim Rock