Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Thinking about Joshua Slocum today.

"I had resolved on a voyage around the world, and as the wind on the morning of April 24, 1895 was fair, at noon I weighed anchor set sail, and filled away from Boston, where the Spray had been moored snugly all winter. The twelve o'clock whistles were blowing just as the sloop shot ahead under full sail. A short board was made up the harbor on the port tack, then coming about she stood to seaward, with her boom well off to port, and swung past the ferries with lively heels. A photograp her on the outer pier of East Boston got a picture of her as she swept by, her flag at the peak throwing her folds clear. A thrilling pulse beat high in me. My step was light on deck in the crisp air. I felt there could be no turning back, and that I was engaging in an adventure the meaning of which I thoroughly understood."

Since BIANKA is still currently on land and blocked by other boats in the boatyard the next best thing might be to start reading SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD again. The book was one of the first books I loaded onto my Kindle E-reader.  The book always seems to get my cruising juices flowing and today being the anniversary of Slocum's departure it seems like a good day as any . 


Bill said...

Mike - you could think about us and Breezing Up, which sailed to Galveston from Seabrook over the Christmas holiday and has been out several times a month since.

Thinking about Slocum and Spray is always a good practice.

Fair winds and best wishes,

Bill & Jeannette

Mike said...


I'm jealous you were sailing over the winter. Ahh but, it won't be long before BIANKA is back in the water for the new season. Looking forward to it.

Fair winds