Monday, July 01, 2013


Sometimes organization is a constant struggle on a boat. Big tool boxes really have no place on 30 foot monohulls like BIANKA. Being able to find the right tool without tearing the whole boat apart looking for it is a good thing too. A few years ago I hit upon the idea of using   plastic storage boxes  to to store various tools and supplies.
This worked pretty well.  I had one box for glues, another for drills, wrenches etc...
Here is the storage box where I stored the sets of wrenches, ratchets and sockets I used on board:

As you can see from the duct tape repair around the box. This plastic box is really not sturdy enough for the weight of the wrenches and sockets. So this spring I came up with a better idea to store these items. It was a 12 inch plastic toolbox I picked up in Harbor Freight.

It is much sturdier than the plastic storage box and as you can see takes up a little less room than the storage box it replaced. Truth is I could probably get rid of some of the wrenches and sockets I carry. My electric propulsion system does not require the same amount of tools like wrenches to maintain it that my old diesel did. But, this tool box comes with a little tray that fits inside. So I put my frequently used wrenches and sockets in the tray so they are available as soon as I open the tool box . I don't have to hunt around for the right wrench for most jobs. It's little things like having your tools organized and saving space that can make a big difference when working around the boat.

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