Thursday, August 22, 2013


Boat bags are useful things to have. I've had one for over ten years that has lugged ton of stuff from bags of ice, groceries etc... But, lately it is showing it's age not in the main part of the bag but, one of it's handles had seen better days:

The handle had frayed and was about to break. I thought what a shame since the rest of the bag still had some good life and usefulness left to it. So I looked around on board to see what I could use to fix the problem. I found the solution in an old web belt that had also frayed a little:

I cut a piece of the belt off and using some Waxed Sailmakers Twine   and a needle made a new handle for the bag.

 This will allow the boat bag to continue to function instead of ended up in a landfill. So it's a good thing. 

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