Friday, August 09, 2013


When I got my AIS transponder last year it and the battery instrumentation panel I built they were initially mounted at the helm with cable ties:

Not exactly the most secure or organized installation. So I recently got to work on a platform at the helm that would secure both the AIS and the panel that would mirror the one on the starboard side of the binnacle where the GPS  and propulsion control was mounted. 

So that's what I did. I had to modify the new platform made of 1/2"' Starboard  a little  allowing for the mounting of the instrumentation panel:

I had to make sure I had  easy access in order to disconnect the numerous connectors and switches on the side of the panel if I needed to:

Once that was done I simply used a spare piece of aluminum angle to provide a mount to hang the instrumentation panel  below the platform. Then just mounted the AIS display on top:

Much better! Feels good to get another project off the list and make the helm a little more organized.


John Morrison said...

Mike, I really like what you've done here, getting around the incredibly-expensive systems from Edson and others for mounting instruments at the binnacle.

Capt. Mikeb said...

Thanks Jim. After converting to electric propulsion I no longer needed to have the shift and throttle cables at the helm pedestal. Removing them allowed me to fabricate the platform for the GPS and helm electric wiring and now the battery monitor and AIS platform. This allows the helmsman (me) to have a lot of information at the helm position.