Monday, December 23, 2013


Well winter has finally arrived and the docks that were filled with power boats are now empty and so is much of the harbor that was filled with hundreds of boats.

Even the moorings are gone. Leaving no trace that sailboats like BIANKA where ever in the harbor. But, not all the boats have gone into hibernation mode. They boatyard was still pulling the boats of the commercial fisherman:

 Cleaning the bottoms, replacing props, engines and whatever else has to be done. One would think winter time would be a time of scarce resources for much of the wildlife of the harbor. But, different species of ducks from the north have replaced others that have moved south. Sightings of Arctic Snowy Owls have been reported. Meanwhile, the local Seagulls have been enjoying a seasonal treat in the town marina parking lot. Where the marinas floating docks have been hauled out to ride out the winter on the pavement.

The sides and flotation packs are coated with plump mussels and barnacles and the seagulls have all winter to gorge themselves on the easy pickings:

So though the activity has changed there are still things going on in and around the harbor and why I still enjoy coming down and being on the boat no matter what the season.

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