Friday, January 10, 2014

SONGS FOR SAILORS: High and Dry: Gordon Lightfoot

I went down to the boatyard to do one of my off season checks on the boat and there was BIANKA  high and dry patiently waiting for spring on the jackstands:

As I saw here there a Gordon Lightfoot song popped into my head called High And Dry from the 1970's album called Sundown.  It was an album I use to listen to when I was in High School which was a couple of years before I took up sailing. As the song played in my head I thought yeah this lament for a boat or a girl deserves a spot on my MP3 player:

With a lady-like devotion

She sails the bitter ocean
If it wasn't for lovesick sailors
There'd be nothin' left but flotsam
Singin' why me oh my
Is there a better man than I
I hope you find your way back home
Before you're lyin' high and dry
I hope you find your way back home

Before you die 

Though I'm having trouble deciding between two versions of the song there is the original High And Dry from the Sundown album. Then there is the High And Dry [1988 Version] from Gord's Gold Volume II. I just might have download both versions.


bill said...


Thanks for that. I loved reliving
it. Hadn't heard it for decades.

Capt. Mike said...

Same for me it just popped into my head when I saw my boat high and dry for winter storage. Funny how memories sometimes get triggered.