Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I've been in Rehoboth Beach Delaware for a few days. It was a little getaway but, it has also kept me away from finishing up the spring outfitting on BIANKA. But, at least it has given me a front row seat watching the Atlantic Ocean. Though tugging at me is the desire to be on it. Still, it's hard not to enjoy it no matter where you are when you get a sunrise like this:

or enjoy a walk down the beach:

If the sand is too soft for an extended walk there is a fine boardwalk:

A main drag filled with all kinds of shops, restaurants etc...

Of course the boardwalk has the ubiquitous Salt Water Taffy emporium:

I'd like to know who is the person who came up with this great idea for the benches that line the boardwalk:

You can move the the backrest so the bench either faces the ocean or the boardwalk so you can people watch. Personally, I'd choose the ocean every time.

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