Tuesday, June 10, 2014


After I removed the Paloma on demand water heater I was left with doing something with the water supply and hot water output hoses:

The sinks on board BIANKA have two ways to provide water. One is by foot pumps which is what I most often use. The other is a pressurized water system which requires an electric pump to provide the water. The Paloma water heater was hooked into this system. I thought I might be able to get away with just capping the supply hose. But, as I found out after I turned on the water pump the water back fed through the hot water outlet hose. So I would need to reconnect them now that I have removed the water heater. Two 1/2 inch elbows and a short piece of 1/2 inch hose allowed that to be easily done:

I did not like the idea of the hoses just floating there so I arranged for a little more secure mounting of them. I used a    Cable Tie Saddle Mount  and attached it to the bulkhead:

Then used a cable tie to secure it to the mount:

With the hose secure I turned on the pressurized water pump and everything work as before except I no longer was able to have hot water. But, I have come up with an alternative hot water system that I'll be showing in the near future.


bill said...

Can't wait. Looking forward to it.

Dennis Cannon said...

Thanks for providing a detailed step-by-step process on how to pressurize a water system. It's really helpful that you provided photos as well. Can I just ask if is it cost-friendly and efficient to have an electric pump providing the water? By the way, I am looking forward to your post about the alternative hot water system. Hopefully, you can provide the same detailed process. Thank you!

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son

Capt. Mike said...

Not sure if it's cost effective to use the electric pump. I usually use the foot pump as there are no breakers to turn on and both hands are free for washing. I find it more convenient. Though with my newly installed spray nozzle by the galley sink I may use that more often for washing dishes. BTW I'll be posting about my alternative hot water system very soon