Sunday, July 12, 2015


It's nice when a project lends it's self to another project benefit. Such was the case with the cabin wood molding project I completed to cover up the handrail access openings. I thought that I might mount a fan to the molding at some point. But, then I thought that  the wood molding strip would also provide an excellent mounting place for ...
a new paper towel holder. The paper towel roll was taking up space on the galley counter. It had been doing this since the original cheap plastic towel roll holder broke a number of years ago. It was located in the galley under a shelf but, now that space has been taken up by spice racks. So I bought a simple Wooden Paper Towel Holder. It arrived unassembled a few days later:

Four screws and it was assembled and ready for a few coats of Cetol Marine Natural Teak Wood Finish . Which is what I used on the molding piece of wood. After three coats of the Cetol it was ready to be mounted:

The paper towel holder was now installed in a good location out of the way but, very convenient over the galley. Now longer will it be meandering around taking up valuable space on the counter. I love the unexpected bonuses of projects done for other reason.

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