Saturday, November 28, 2015

ONE LAST THING: Cleaning the Porta Boat

I finally broke down and splurged on renting a spot on the dingy dock for my eight foot Porta Boat. I spend most of my time during the summer living on the boat with an occasional respite on land for work or to accompany my gal on a beach vacation. Since I have been using a folding Porta Boat for fourteen years I was able to fold it up when and take it home as needed. As I'm getting older this is becoming more of a pain and so I opened the wallet to have access to the dingy dock at the boatyard. It certainly makes it more convenient for quick trips home or provisions. Since for over a decade I have avoided the dingy dock fees that could have paid for the Porta Boat three or four times over I thought it was about time to make things a little easier for me. Though leaving the Porta Boat in the water for the entire season bought some new issues.
Namely marine growth on the hull. Previously this was not much of an issue as I would be folding and unfolding the boat and transporting it back on land every few weeks. Wiping it down or taking a sponge to it when going for a swim. Since this was done every week or two growth never was a problem. But, since the dingy is in the water for the whole season and the last month or so precludes cleaning while taking a swim because of the water temperatures marine growth has taken hold.

So after BIANKA is tucked away in the boatyard for the winter the last thing I needed to do is clean and take the dingy home. But, how to do it easily? Marine growth on an untreated hull can be a pain to remove. But, I found it was a pretty easy task with a simple garden tool:

I started scraping the major growth using a Square Edger . This made quick work of most the heavy stuff adhering to the unpainted hull:

Then a quick rub and fresh water rinse with a Scrub Pad took most of the remaining growth off the dingy:

Followed by a quick fresh water rinse All in all it was a pretty quick job to finish the final of the season chores. 


Val Vechnyak said...

Bit of oxalic acid would make it look brand new :)

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks for the tip Val. I may try it in the spring as long as it does not harm the 14 year old plastic hull.