Monday, December 14, 2015


I'm  trying to catch up on things and put up some blog posts of things done and not done this past season on board. One of the things I had been planning to do was to attach a waterproof camera to the 33 pound Bruce anchor that serves as BIANKA's main anchor. It has been a doing a great job since I bought the boat. It has held in 30 to 40 knots of wind including a brush with Hurricane Earl. I trust it but, I was still curious how it was doing it's job. I never did setup my camera for some underwater video of the Bruce but, a fellow in the Pacific Northwest has. He shows it setting pretty nicely with a 2.5:1 scope Here is his video:

He has also taken the time to video a copy of a Bruce anchor. This knock off anchor was attemted to be set with a 3.5:1 scope. The results of which reside between underwhelming to YIKES!:

Lessons learned: You get what you pay for and beware of cheap imitations! I'm glad I have a real Bruce anchor on the bow of BIANKA. Though I still plan to do some video's of my own in the future.

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