Monday, August 08, 2016


With the brand new 8A4D batteries on board BIANKA I was faced with what to do with the old batteries I still had in my possession. These included the four old batteries that made up the propulsion bank along with the two new 8A4D batteries that were damaged in shipping.  I knew the two damaged batteries and the one bad battery from the propulsion bank should be recycled ASAP if only to make some room in my garage. I called the local place I usually recycle metals to and asked what they paid for the large 8A4D batteries. They said six dollars. Hmmm, only six bucks for over one hundred plus pounds of lead batteries?  I decided to call another scrapyard nearby and there I was told they pay twenty eight cents a pound. So my 8A4D would make me thirty six dollars each. It really pays to shop around even if you are just recycling.


Val Vechnyak said...

That price might be for clean lead. I tried the same with an old Catalina keel until i found that red bricks are mixed into the lead.

bill said...

Yes, yes, but the sailing. Has it been good?

Capt. Mike said...


Been a busy summer(parties, girlfriends vacation plans) and of course the battery shipping snafu has set things back. But, will be sailing soon. In the meantime plenty of boat stuff to take care of. But, it's all good.