Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to square one.

Well, after carefully removing the injectors and numbering each one. I mailed them to a diesel injector shop here on Long Island to be tested and rebuilt. A few days later I got a call that they were ready, So I drove to pick them up and ask a few questions. I seemed to get more shrugs than answers. But, so be it. I was sure that this would be the problem as the books tell me "injectors are the cause of most of the problems on diesel engines". Well, when I opened the box instead on the meticulously number injectors I gave the shop I have different ones. Same model injectors but, different ones altogether. Oh well. I have once again remind myself never to assume anything especially when it involves a boat. So I carefully installed the newly rebuilt injectors. Cranked over the engine same problem, no starting. Only $250.00 poorer but, the learning experience of removing the injectors will be worth it in the future. So I am back to waiting for the phone to ring after contacting another mechanic. Shedding a little tear as the afternoon sea breeze kicks up.


Anonymous said...

Hello, i have a thoosa 9000 here in sydney australia, as does another sailor/ journo in west auatralia, neither of us can make this system regenerate under sail, in fact it usually uses power, what is your experience?
mike strong

Mike said...


I too have yet to get the regen to work but, I am still testing and playing with the system. I think ASMO may be aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Contact me by email at so we can compare notes.