Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going Electric: Part 3: Before and after...

Click on the video below to see and before and after shot of the starboard side of the engine area view in the start for electrification process on BIANKA. It shows what things start to look like after removing the raw water and the Frigoboat refrigeration hoses and components.

Looks good no. But, look closer there is more stuff to be removed as I point out in this photo:

Let's not forget the raw water filter brackets mounted on the left and that Promariner electric noise/protection device (Blue labeled box) mounted above the foam installation. This device was connected to the alternator which of course went out of the boat with the engine. The hose in front of the Hydro Hush muffler once ran from the heat exchanger to to the fresh water antifreeze pump. It will soon be taken off the boat. I could leave the foil faced foam sound insulation in place but, it will not be needed with the quietness of of electric propulsion. But there are other more important reasons for removing it which I'll get to in a later post.



Patrick said...

Great blog! Careful, detailed, realistic information. I appreciate your work here. The diesel auxiliary in my 1979 PS Orion is dying and my wife and I have just decided that we were not putting another diesel in. We have been scouting out electric drives. Your arguments for electric are ours, too. I hope you will share your experiences with the Thoosa 9000 when you install it and start using it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat I will be posting the whole process.