Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well maybe not gold but, possibly some silver.  I spend every minute I can on board BIANKA during the season. I am amazed as I look around the marina and harbor how little time others seem to spend on their boats. There are those boats only used on the weekends others are seen heading out only during race nights. Some boats never seem to move. A lot of boats just stay tied to the docks for days even weeks without moving.. So a few days ago I'm on an Amtrak train heading to Washington D.C. speeding along at 90 miles per hour (propelled by an electric motor BTW) reading an article in the Financial Times about V2G (Vehicle to grid) technology. Here is a quote from the article:

Electricity grids could operate much more efficiently if they tapped into the vast amounts of power stored in the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles, to balance out fluctuations in supply and demand, writes Clive Cookson.
Vehicle-to-grid or V2G technology, which would enable electric car owners to make money while storing power for the grid,

Hmmm, sounds kind of interesting if it works for cars why not boats that are sitting tied to the dock with no one on them during the week. Here is how V2G technology works:

an investment in V2G could pay off quickly. Once the technology is commercialised, the extra costs of fitting a V2G-enabled battery and charging system would be about $1,500. The owner could make $3,000 a year through a load-balancing contract. V2G is economically viable because electric car owners are buying batteries anyway, so it makes sense to use them for communal energy storage. It would be more costly to install other storage systems.
Interesting that V2G technology or should I say B2G (Boat to Grid) technology could change things for those who own electric boats that spend more time at the dock than away from it.  The concept of  an electric boat with B2G technology that pays for it's own dockage does sound intriguing. A boat that helps pay the bills while at the dock what a concept!   As for B2G and batteries I say bring em on!

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