Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After Saturday's chilly sea breeze forced me down below I decided to do some spring cleaning. I started with the pile of papers that had been accumulating over the past few years. Included in this pile are manuals for newly purchased equipment and articles clipped from various boating publications that I wanted to keep. The pile grew and grew tucked away in some out of the way space on board. It was time to take the pile put it on the table:

The next step is to sort, file and pitch out what is no longer needed. One thing to keep is the manuals for various pieces of equipment and tools on board. But, what is not needed is those parts of the manual that are not in English. So that's when I take out my Gerber multi tool scissors and start cut out those sections of manuals that are not in English and pitch them out.

On a boat space is always at a premium. You would be surprised at how simple things like getting rid of the parts of manuals that you will never read can free up space for more important documents in a small file box.

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