Monday, June 21, 2010


BIANKA and I have been tied up at a dock since the ill fated flotilla odyssey of last Thursday. Part of the reason for staying so long is to avoid making an East River transit during the weekend. Because various government officials over the years took away the natural shore line of the tidal straight and replaced them with vertical bulkheads it can create problems for slow moving sailboats.  Tugs and barges are not really a problem but, when the gold neck chained power boat crowd come zooming through their wake bounces off the bulkheads making sailboats behave like a metronome. So in order to minimize such encounters I prefer to make the East River transit during the week when there are less power boats speeding about. So today BIANKA and I will leave about two hours after low water at the battery to start heading back to the Isle of Long.t

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