Thursday, June 10, 2010


Assuming I can get BIANKA's wishbone rigged and sail on board today. I should be heading off to New York Harbor as the first cruise of the season by the weekend. I always enjoy the trip to New York as I always seem to find something curious and interesting somewhere along the journey. Such as the interesting sites I observed during last years sojourn as seen here and here. Though I have a special reason for heading into the Port of New York next week which I will be talking about in a future post as I get underway.  Another reason a sail to New York is so interesting is that the city and it's waterfront is constantly changing for better and for worse. Professional Mariner Capt. Bruce Brucato has some musing on this at his NY TUGMASTER blog. Here is the money quote:
It’s easily acknowledged that the city is so transient that it’s residents tend to overlook its legacy as one of the greatest ports in the world.- Capt. Brucato
Indeed those of us who approach the city by the water see changes that the pedestrians on land often miss. Plus we get to approach the city the way sailors like Hudson, Verrazano and the Native Americans in their canoes did. Using the same tidal forces to make our journey easier. It is a unique perspective and a trip that I never get tired of making. The East River transit is one of my favorites through Hell Gate and into the harbor. Capt Brucato captures that journey from a unique perch in this time lapse shoot:

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