Monday, September 06, 2010


I keep my options open
My possibilites pure
Is this a cool world or what!
Karla Devito

 As I continue on the Birthday/Best summer of my life cruise. I thought I'd share the ongoing experiment I've been conducting on board. I've already posted about the Captain Mike "What works" award given to to the Engel refrigerator /freezer thats aboard. For this cruise I decided to change it's operation from just using it as a refrigerator to converting it to freezer operation. I am using a Coleman 48 quart cooler as the refrigerator for the perishables. Below is a photo of them in the cabin:

So far it seems to be working rather well. Though the Engel does draw down the battery bank overnight a half hour run of the Honda in the morning and evening brings things back up quickly. My two solar 75 watt solar panels also keeps things topped up all day. Each morning and evening I take two of the one one liter water bottles from the freezer and put them into the cooler swapping them with the bottles already there. So far this seems to be working well in keeping things cool. When I started the cruise I also had frozen several quarts of milk at home and put them in the freezer as well and moved them one at a time into the cooler to defrost. This helps keep the cooler cool and allows for and extend supply of milk on board.

As you can see above there is still room for more storage in the freezer. You will also see several portions of my homemade Pasta Bolognese in the freezer ready to be defrost in the same way. Mmmmmm, I'm getting hungry. Cool world indeed!

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