Sunday, December 26, 2010


Space on a 30 foot sailboat has it's limitations. Because of this a sailor needs to really limit items that are carried on board. That also goes for things like books. So from time to time I'll post about what books I find valuable enough to keep taking up space on board BIANKA. My first selection is THE SAILMAKERS APPRENTICE by Emiliano Marino. While I do not plan on fabricating new sails for BIANKA I find the book to be a most useful and interesting reference book full of all kinds of very useful information. From repairing sails to the tools and procedures needed to make ones own sail. It's in this book. It also comes in handy for use as a quick reference source to answer ones curiosity about the identity of various sailboat rigs. For example say you are enjoying a cold beer one afternoon at anchor on the eastern end of the Isle of Long and you spot a sailboat that looks like this in the distance:

You say to yourself: Now what kind of rig is that? A quick perusal of the SAILMAKER'S APPRENTICE and you will find a number of pages and descriptions of various types of sailboat rigs:

Pretty soon you have the answer: Why that's a Leg-o'-Mutton Ketch!

So if you are looking for a book that covers just about anything regarding the sails on your boat from repairing them to making your own I recommend THE SAILMAKER'S APPRENTICE by Emiliano Marino as one book to have on your boat.


Borja said...

Buenos días! ,)

I have been following your posts for a long time. Thanks for all the info.

If it is for space aboard Bianka i can bring to you lots of specific pdf files for yacht design and engineering, i think you would enjoy them. ,)

good bow!

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks Borja. First I need to gather and organize all the files info and photos I already have first. That is a constant struggle.