Thursday, February 03, 2011


7:45 AM we upped anchor and had breakfast underway. By 10 AM we stopped and anchored off another sand bank at 03 57.283N, 073 27.616E. 

We jumped in for a snorkel on the reef. We stayed here for lunch and usual afternoon nap.  Then headed off toward the Biyaddo resort where we jumped off the stern to snorkel the house reef of the resort located there.

We snorkeled along the north east area of the island. It was full of large schools of very friendly fish. I was wondering if this was  because the guests of the resort might be bringing out some table scraps from time to time to feed them. But, when I looked at the location of the island it is almost smack dab in the middle of the Biyadoo Kandu (cut). So there may be a lot of nice fish food flowing into and around the island which makes it a great place for these schools of fish to hang out and nibble about all day.

Whatever the reason there were lot's of fish at this location:

 We spent almost an hour in the water here watching them.  Then it was back to the boat and we headed over to GURAIDHOO. This is the major town of the South Male atoll with a population of around 1200.

We took the dingy to the island. It was the end of the day when we arrived on the island. The waterfront was very busy with the Dhoni ferries coming in from Male and other locations:

You can't help but, admire these colorful well built wooden boats. Notice how the helmsm at the rear steers the boat with the tiller between his legs. Just beautiful wood construction and they seem to hold an enormous amount of passengers.

Meanwhile on shore it was all smiles waiting for someone to arrive off one of the boats.
Our skipper picked out a local fellow to give us a little tour. As we wandered through the sand covered streets. I was taken by how peaceful and quiet the town seemed to me. Then I realised why. No cars, no motor bikes = NO NOISE!

It was just  a great way to end the day watching the street scenes of this peaceful little island from one of the local cafes:


Anonymous said...

wow! from the Sound to the salty Indian Ocean!! keep oyu r eyes peeled for tugs (good) and pirates (bad). please take pictures of both, though. I love the fish, signs, and esp boats in your pics.

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks Tugster! As for the tugs watch this blog!