Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Today was turtle day. The morning snorkel had a black tipped reef shark cruise on by us and a turtle. Which pleased my girlfriend. We headed for another sandbank for our lunch anchorage (04 27.315N, 073 24.317E) in about fifty feet of water.

We finished the last of the tuna for lunch. That's not all. The storage area that was so full of some of the fresh provisions when we started:
Was starting to look a little bare. We also finished the last of the Pineapple and the delicious local Mangoes. Two of the few things that are grown in the Maldives. But, the good news is the bunch of bananas that looked very green when we first came on board:
Are now starting to ripen up very nicely.

We still had apples to so I introduced Ibrahim and Issac to a drink I often have on BIANKA for breakfast or a late afternoon treat: I know it as a liquida but, it might also be called a smoothie:

1 banana (required)
1 cup of milk (required)
1 apple coarsely chopped
1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Place all ingredients in a container and use a handheld mixer or use a blender. Puree all the ingredients pour into a glass and enjoy. You can also skip the peanut butter and use other fruits besides apple too. The important thing is to always use a banana and a cup of milk for each serving. 

On the afternoon snorkel we saw three turtles. One of which came up to the surface and hung out with us for a few minutes not more than ten feet away. A real magic moment that made it the highlight of the day and anchored for the night at (04 34.929N, 073 23.917E)

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