Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We got in three snorkels this morning as we traveled through the North Male atoll. We asked about and our Captain Ibrahim arranged for us to visit one of the resort islands that are scattered around the various islands in the Maldives. We thought it would be a good break, a little walk and a place to have lunch. When we were planning this trip one of the things we considered was a splitting up the trip between a sail charter and a few days at a resort.  But, in the end the economics and logistics of  chartering the boat  just made to much sense. But, we might consider heading to a resort in the future if we are ever able to make it back to the Maldives. So this would be a good opportunity to check what one of these resort islands were like.
So in late morning we arrived off of the Huvaten Resort for the days adventure:

The Huvaten Fushi is one of the five star resorts in the Maldives and from what I could see it deserves it.   We took the inflatable in to the resorts dock and were met by there by Nahoo who would be our guide to show us around the resort. Her assistant was standing next to her with a tray of cool towels. Which was a very refreshing way to start since the day was pretty hot.  She first showed us the reception/meet up building:
This is where you check in and out as well as where you meet up for any tours or trips you might take off the island. The view through the hallway had a great view to the other side of the island making it seem almost like a wall painting:

The lobby floor inside was made of pure soft sand as were most of the pathways on the island making the use of foot wear superfluous. Though the in the open air lobby the sand was meticulously raked by one of the staff into a circular pattern:

Even though it was mid day and hot on the beach the pathways in the resort were shaded and cool to walk on:

The resort was fully booked. but, it really did not seem to be very crowded. We only saw a few guests as Nahoo drove us around in one of the resorts golf carts. Accommodations at the resort include the over water villas that seem to be part of almost every resort in the Maldives:

They will pick you up from your over water villa if you wish in one of the resorts carts. However, walking in the beautiful surroundings would be my preference. But, unlike the cool pathways the decks leading to the villas can be hot if you are barefoot. So the resort has buckets of water strategically placed along the decks so you can wet and cool your feet enough to walk to the next bucket.

Of course there is also the infinity pool to keep you cool too:

If you are one of those people who needs to work out at the gym every day no matter what. The fitness center here has a pretty nice water view:

Of course if working out seems like to much self abuse there is a rather separate unique spa facility to get you into a totally relaxed mood:

Even the waiting area for the Spa is a relaxing place:

There is a sauna, a steam room and a new one for me. An ICE room:
Which on a hot day like this seems a good place to hang out for a bit.

Nahoo soon takes us to the main building of the spa. Wait, what is this?  The stairway to heaven! Have I died and is Nahoo really an angel sent to guide me to the hereafter? I do see a bright white light after all:

Nahhh! It's just that the flash on my camera did not go off for this shot.  All will be revealed once I enable it:

It's the stairway that leads to the underwater spa room. Thirty six feet below the surface. It's like a big salt water aquarium except that your inside looking out!

Looks like you'll be pampered from your head down to your toes in here:

But Capt. Mike you ask, if you are getting a back massage don't you miss the view of the fish outside because you head is pointing down. Nonsense, as they have mirrors on the floor underneath the tables so you can still enjoy the view:

 And if all that attention is too much for you. you can always take a break on the relaxation bed:

After a visit to Spa of the resort. Nahoo took us back on to the island where she led us to another building and yet another door. This one looked much more ominous and secure than the Spa area:

 It was actually a concrete bunker that in reality is:

The wine vault !  Because the room is located below ground the temperature is a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Just right for the six thousand bottles of wine stored there. Once a week they serve  a multi course meal for twelve people in the vault. But, Capt. Mike you ask, dining in a room that's at 50 degrees is kind of cold? Not to worry! They bring in heated stones which they place under your feet and under your chair so you can be nice and cozy as you enjoy the meal.

Now if this is all to much and you really need to get away. You can charter one of the resorts Dhoni boats moored off of the resort:

They come with crew and a steward to serve you meals wherever you ask them to take you. Speaking of meals we had a very nice though expensive lunch on the beach. Well, I could definitely hang out here for a few days though I don't know if the wallet would survive the stay. After lunch it was time to head back to our boat which was waiting for us off shore. Nahoo called the boat on cell phone and Issac was heading in to pick us up:

 In the afternoon there was another snorkel awaiting us. As we snorkeled the reef I noticed a five foot shark with it's head in the reef and most of it's body sticking out and thrashing. By the time I got closer it had stopped thrashing and it's tail hung over limp.  I thought maybe it was stuck in the reef after chasing a fish and could not free its self. Should I try and pull it out? I then thought better not. Ibrahim later said that was a wise choice because it was probably only sleeping and might not take to kindly to being woken up.  Well, it it was pretty enjoyable day that was topped off by seeing a rather large shooting star in the night sky.


tugster said...

all i can say . . seeing this on a cold sixth boro day . . . . WOW!!

Capt. Mike said...

That's what I said too! Especially when I got the bill for the lunch.:)