Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 It's been a while since Capt. Mike has smelled the salt air. So when the first mate suggested we take a little early spring three day trip out to Chincoteague Island in Virginia it seemed like a excellent idea. It's sure been a cold, cold winter up here on the Isle of Long. But, a nice weather window opened up recently so we jumped at it.
Just before we drove the new over water causeway we crossed Wallops Island. A fairly big NASA facility where they actually do from time to time launch rockets:

"In 1889, Wallops Island was bought and converted into a vacation destination for a handful of wealthy families from Pennsylvania, who, in turn, sold the island to the federal government in the 1940s. Once in the hands of NASA the island was transformed into a center for the high-tech development of rockets, missiles, and the means for space travel. From weather balloons and Tiamat missiles to aerodynamics and hurricane research, the Wallops Island Flight Facility and its predecessors have been instrumental in the evolution and success of the American space program."

But, what interested Capt. Mike is that there is also a NOAA facility here that keeps track of and recieves data/images from the weather satellites that we sailors  now access via the Internet. So the satellite images I see on my computer screen first come through this facility here on Wallops Island. Who knew?

After checking into the hotel on Chincoteague it was a quick ten minute ride to Assateague Island and a walk on the beach which is part of the National Park system. While I doubt if I would try to come here during the height of the summer. During these early spring days we had the beach to ourselves:

Looking down one is reminded of the local cash crop in the surrounding waters and can make one hunger for a nice bowl or Oyster or Clam chowder to counter any chill in the air:

 Those signs are everywhere:

I never did get the story on this misplaced can from the Island of Long. Perhaps it was obtained by those here on Chinoteague to do research on the compettion a long time ago.

The old swing bridge from the 1940's that ran into the center of Main Street is being torn down now that a new causeway and bridge opened last fall.

It will make it easier for the local fishing fleet to come and go as they will no longer have deal with the swing bridge and will also not hold up hundreds of beach goers in cars when they do. Looks like a win win situation.

Of course one can not visit Chincoteague Island without getting a little misty eyed now and then thinking about Misty of Chincoteague. Who is gone now.

But, some of her relations are alive and well over on Assteague Island:

While it felt good to be near the sea once again after the long cold winter. Capt. Mike is looking forward to being on the water and not just near it as soon as possible.

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