Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working the weather with Wxworks

 Capt. Brucato is a Tugmaster who is based out of New York. He spends a lot of his time pushing or pulling barges and other BIG stuff on the waters from Maine to Florida. Since he is professional mariner when he speaks I tend to listen. He seems pretty happy with a new addition in the wheel house. It is a service using the XM satellite network called WXWORKS. While the the $30 to $50 monthly fee is a little pricey to justify for my mostly coastal cruising needs. If I were heading further off shore I might consider it. In the mean time I'm looking forward to using the free weather site put together by Allen Edwards at  during the upcoming season as an alternative.

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Greg Martin said...

Interesting but a bit pricey. I use Their free 2 day forecasts, accessed via the web if you're coastal cruising within 3G cellular range works great for me in Okinawa.