Friday, April 01, 2011

YACHT ROCK: A musical history.

If you remember or survived the seventies and eighties like I did you might know of a unique music phenomena know as "Yacht Rock" aka "smooth music". Like pornography you will know it when you see it, er hear it. What you may not know is the history behind some of the songs of this era.  Viewing the following episodes will show the behind the scenes machinations behind the music.

CAPT MIKE WARNING: Many of the episodes contain "salty" language and violence!



NOTE: Episode 3 contains no sound but, is included for those who can lip read or are too mellow to care.

The meaning of the music of TOTO is explained in Episode 4
In Episode 5 Michael Jackson explores his dark side seduced by Eddie Van Halen until rescued by TOTO, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Vincent Price.


The legend of Jethro Tull comes alive in Episode 6.


Smooth sailing out of Compton with Dr. Dre.


Episode 8: The Captain & Tennielle and the rise of Gene Balboa



The war between Steely Dan and the Eagles comes to life in Episode 10


A nefarious Jimmy Buffet will stop at nothing to get his movie produced in Episode 11.



Anonymous said...

i wanted to hear #99 by toto and sailing by red rider,,ah well guess i will have "bad romance" by lady gaga instead

Capt. Mike said...

OK, but, never lose the the "smooth"!

Brody said...

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