Sunday, May 15, 2011

IN THE TANK: Part 2, Steaming Ahead!

After an initial wipe down of the tar and sand that accumulated on the bottom of the fuel tank some more Simple Green and some steam did a real nice job in cleaning the tank. I've mentioned that the Scunci Steamer comes in useful in many areas on board. But, to be useful in helping to clean places like the fuel tank you need to have the extension hose as shown below for the Scunzi:

The Scunci Steamer  with the extension allows you to get into most areas of the tank with the steam that helps really get the tank clean. Spraying the tank with full strength Simple Green followed by steam and a quick wipe down with a shop towel makes cleaning the tank very easy. Below is a before photo of one corner of the tank:

Here is the same area after the Simple Green, steam and a wipe. You can clearly see the difference between the area that was wiped after the steam was applied.

The tank comes out pretty clean after this procedure but, the final thing I will do is put some water in the tank along with some DAWN dish washing detergent and go sailing. Letting the DAWN and water mixture slosh around for a bit. It seems scientist have discovered that DAWN dish washing detergent seems to be most effective in removing oil from birds caught up in oil spills. If it works on the birds why not try it on the last remnants of diesel remaining in the on board fuel tank on BIANKA.

BLOG UPDATE:  The Scunci Steamer started to leak steam from the handle after about a year of use. So I purchased another brand as a replacement. Which seems to be holding up better. You can see the post about the new steamer by clicking here


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