Saturday, May 21, 2011

REBEDDING HANDRAILS: Part 2 Epoxying the rails

After I removed the handrails off the boat and moved onto phase one of the project. This was to make an epoxy plug that would hold the screws and help prevent any water from eventually loosening the screws grip on the wooden handrails. The screws were screwed into the handrails to about an inch in depth. So I drilled an enlarged hole using a bradpoint bit about a half an inch in depth using a drill press in the handrails. The existing screw hole provided an easy mark for this drilling operation:

After all the holes were drilled I took the screws that held the rail to the cabin top and coated each one with a coating of Tef Gel:

The coating prevents the epoxy from sticking to the screw threads as it hardens and allows the screws to be backed out easily. After coating with the Tef Gel the screws were screwed into the handrails:
First pure epoxy was placed around the screws using a syringe filled with epoxy. After a minute or two this epoxy was sucked out and returned to the mixing container where it was thickened with filler and then returned to the screw holes and allowed to set:
 As you can see above the screws are firmly set in the epoxy plugs. They were then unscrewed and bought back to the boat to be used on phase two of the rebedding project.

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