Saturday, August 06, 2011


Shout out to Eugene O'Neill for help with the title today. I still carry a Honda BP 2 outboard on board for occasional use with my 8 foot Porta Bote dingy. I actually have not used it since last September. It is still running good but, at some point it will have to be replaced. So that's why I'm always interested in what's happening in the electric outboard market with products like the Electric Paddle and from those from Torqeedo. I've already posted about the Torqeedo 1003 and my thoughts on it. Today I came across two reports from down under in Australia concerning recent tests using a Torqeedo 1003.  The first was a 19 nautical mile trip in an inflatable using 160 watts of solar panels as some additional supplemental power. The second trial was with a 12 foot Porta Bote which was of real interest to me since I'll probably be using an electric outboard on my 8 foot Porta Bote dingy.  

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