Thursday, September 01, 2011


It was a relief that BIANKA made it through Hurricane Irene at the mooring. I had been on board during Hurricane Earl last year when it went to the east of the boat and felt more comfortable then because of the back up plans I had in place. When Irene hit much closer and to the west leaving  BIANKA on the side with the stronger winds I was less sure of the outcome. Plus I was in a location that was much more crowded with other boats this time. But, now at least I know my plans seemed to work out for Category 1 storms like Irene.

Some post storm thoughts:

Besides the electronics I took off the boat, I also took a many of the electronics from my project box that had yet to be installed. I almost overlooked that aspect of hurricane prep. But, when I started to add up the costs of the unopened packages of the devices the number was in the hundreds of dollars. Not an insignificant amount.

I also took off my Honda 2000i generator and the five gallons of gas I had on board. The generator of course is an expensive item to be replaced. At 47 pounds it is lightweight enough to be easily taken off the boat. You can't say that for an installed diesel genset. But, I was also thinking if one is anchored in an exotic local and one went to ashore to ride out the storm rather than stay on board. Having a lightweight electric generator and a couple of gallons of gas would make one a very welcome guest in many households on shore.

Finally, while I was on board I thought about my electric propulsion system. If I had more time and if the storm was going to be stronger than projections I could have removed most of my electric propulsion system. The major  components like the controller box and battery charger have  removable connectors and the boxes are held on with a few bolts and nuts I could have easily removed them. Like wise the motor could have been removed and carried off the boat in a boat bag.

Which is how I bought it on board in the first place. You can't do that with a diesel. While I might have lost the boat in some circumstances. I would still have the basic components of my electric propulsion system intact and ready to be installed in a replacement boat. Though I am glad things never came to that.


Africa in Feb. said...

Mike, that's a really good point about the removeable EP. One more reason to install one!

Capt. Mike said...

Indeed. I keep finding more and more benefits of having converted to electric propulsion.