Saturday, September 03, 2011


Who needs to go to the movies?  Say Goodbye to Hollywood there is enough action right here as Hurricane Irene came up the east coast. Makes you appreciate the importance of chafe prevention and prepping the boat for even minimal Hurricanes/tropical storms. Let's start off with one of the early casualties of Irene. A couple who tried to "outrun" the Hurricane and got into a whole bunch of hurt off of Norfolk Virginia. Photos of the beached boat were posted on the Internet and their plight made it into a lot of papers from the local newspapers up to the Washington Post and CBS TV. Here is some video of what it was like before the boat hit the beach:

Meanwhile in Moorehead City. This boat had it's sails taken off but, still is was no match for Irene's fury:

  Some boats designed to sail fast will do so even with the sails furled. Until they hit the beach that is:

Hope these make you appreciate what your boat might go through in such storms I know it did for me.


Anonymous said...

Try this Irene;

Dramatic Sailboat Rescue Winthrop (Mass) Yacht Club

Capt. Mike said...


Thanks for the link. Nice to see a happy ending to what could have been chain reaction crash scene. I think it deserves it's own post.