Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Bob who writes the BOAT BITS blog and I were amused that we happen to write about antifouling strategies on the same day. Bob has written before about an impulse purchase at a European boat show that turned out to be pretty effective in controlling growth on the boat bottom. He recently posted about finding a similar electronic system that costs less than half of what I have to pay the boatyard every year for a bottom painting on BIANKA. You can read about Bob's discovery and his very good description of how it works here at his Boat Bits blog. But, before you go and order the system one needs to read the fine print:

"Works with aluminium and fibreglass boats (not suitable for timber, ferro cement or fibreglass foam sandwich construction)"

If your boat meets the conditions for use. It might save you a lot of work when cleaning the bottom or dollars buying expensive antifouling paint. At the very least it's cheaper than a gallon of good bottom paint and might be worth a try. Some assembly required.

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