Friday, June 29, 2012


I pull the mast on BIANKA every year. I do this because having the mast up while the boat is on land puts stresses on the boat that are not as large when it is in the water because the hull does not move as on a mooring. It also allows me to have easy access to the chain locker and the windlass motor. It also allows me to inspect the mast and checkout the wiring and lights since the mast is on ground level.  I've mentioned how much I like to use Anderson Powerpole Connectors on board for connections. It also allows me to make various  adapters that help in testing various items around the boat.

 Using a small 12 battery and adapters made using Anderson Powerpole Connectors  and matching connectors for the mast fittings makes checking the mast light wiring an easy task.

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