Sunday, August 19, 2012


I installed a Southwest Wind Power Marine Air X 48 volt wind turbine when I installed my Thoosa 9000 electric propulsion system back in 2008. It worked reliably 24/7 for over three years. Once I installed it I did not have to think about it. The Marine Air X has some control electronics that I really like. Once the battery bank has reached full charge it shuts down.  Since my 48 volt solar panels manage to keep my 48 volt propulsion bank charged up the Air-X is often shutdown all day. It also will shutdown if wind speeds get to great also. One day I noticed that some of the paint had started to chip off the housing:

 This was not hard to believe as the unit had been exposed to hot summers and freezing winters in a marine environment for almost three years. It was certainly due for a little touch up besides I had to replace two of the blades because they got chipped when my heavy metal boom had accidently hit them. Since the Air X had a three year warranty I called up to see if they covered the paint chipping. To my surprise they did. I had to pay for the shipping to them but, they sent out a replacement Air X right away and I had it within the week. Now that's customer service like it should be. I finally got around to re installing the wind turbine  earlier this season along with a set of new blades.

The Marine Air X is once again back on board keeping my 48 volt electric propulsion bank topped up. I am pleased with the reliability of the unit has given over the years that's why I give it the Capt. Mike What Works approval!


Kurt Amezcua said...

It is impressive that, even after three years, the wind generator is still working fine, suffering only from minor problems. And it is good that you tended to the problems early on before something worst happen to them. By the way, your wind generator has got a great feature. Shutting down by itself when the battery bank is full can help avoid overloading which can damage the amp and the device itself. The worst thing that can happen is that it may start a fire in your Nonsuch.

Capt. Mike said...


I'm very pleased with the Marine Air-X. As you pointed out it shuts down when the bank is fully charged it is also properly fused. With the 48 volt solar panels also helping to charge the bank it is actually shutdown for most of the day. I've seen other brands constantly spinning even in light winds. I expect they will be replacing their bearings alot sooner than I will.