Saturday, September 15, 2012

IN BIANKA'S GALLEY: Measuring Cups

I try to keep glass carried on board to a minimum. Usually that means only bottles of wine and beer which are stowed well. Broken glass is a hazard on a rocking and rolling boat. So when it comes to measuring in the galley area I have found plastic measuring cups are a perfect fit when cooking up a meal or mixing up some Boat Drinks.  I've been using two Evercoat epoxy mixing cups for years now. They are durable won't shatter like glass and are perfect for use in the galley.  I have them labeled with a Brother P Touch labels for galley use only:

Just so they are not accidentally  used elsewhere on board for mixing cleaning products etc... They are also very useful because they not only have calibrations in ounces but, also milliliters and cc's too. If you have recipes that call for those measurements:

 I use two in the galley area so I can use one for measuring dry ingredients and the other for wet ones. Such as when one is cooking up some rice for a meal:

Also because they don't have handles the cups stack inside one another:

 This helps save space and on most sailboats saving space is a real good thing!


caseymcm said...

Nice idea, except that many plastics will leach stuff like BPA, especially so with non-food grade plastic. BPA acts like synthetic estrogen. We personally avoid this since we have small kids, but you might want to keep it in mind. If you're just measuring ingredients every now and then it's probably not a big deal, but if you drink out of them on a regular basis, especially hard alcohol (strong solvent) it might make you grow boobs!

Capt. Mike said...


Good to know. Though these cups are not used for drinking and even when used for measuring the ingredients do not spend a lot of time in them and are rinse after use. Thanks for the comment.