Monday, November 05, 2012


Now the warriors of winter they gave a cold triumphant shout

And all that stays is dying, all that lives is getting out
See the geese in chevron flight flapping and a-racing on before the snow
They've got the urge for going, and they've got the wings so they can go

They get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

SATURDAY  Nov. 4 2012
The boatyard supervisor wants to pull BIANKA early next week and with another Nor' easter heading this way I guess it's time to call end to the season. The docks and piling have taken a beating during Sandy:

Who knows how well they will hold up after another Nor' easter. The nights are getting colder but, the harbor is still pretty dark after the sun goes down as power still has not been restored to a lot of the island.  I hunker down in the cabin once the sun goes down. Nice and cozy with a hot cup of tea. Internet and cell phone service has finally improved quite a bit. I can surf the Internet and see what other areas have experienced. I poked my head out  and saw an orange glow way to the east on the shore. I was thinking uh oh ,  somebody's beach house is on fire and from the Halloween orange glow it's pretty intense. I see it grow bigger as I keep looking. Then I'm thinking there are no houses in that direction on the beach where this fire was. They are on the bluffs. I was relieved a little while later what I had really seen was the orange moon rising through some hazy clouds on the horizon.
I took off the sail and took it home.  As I headed home I noticed the cars lined up at the gas stations along with several Police officers at each one with gas directing traffic. I was glad I had filled up on Monday right before the storm and I have a small efficient car allowing me to make several trips back and forth without worry.  Though I can understand the desperation of some in the search for gas.  
I still have same gas in the Honda 2000i generator and about a half gallon in a Jerry Jug left over from the latest cruise. But, the winds have been brisk and the sun has been shining so I have not had to fire up the generator for charging in a few days on board.

SUNDAY Nov. 5 2012
After my morning coffee I walked the lopsided stormed tossed dingy docks 

to get to the area where the fellows of the boatyard found my overturned Porta Boat dingy sans the Honda BP2 outboard. The consensus is the outboard went to the bottom when the dingy flipped. It was low tide and I spent an hour throwing the grapple. But, the only thing I caught were some Oysters and mussels:

It's possible the motor is under the dock I was standing on since it was the one that broke away during the storm. I may have to wait until they move it and maybe try some again. But, it may be a lost cause at this point anyway.

I tied up BIANKA in front of a 47 foot Hunter that was moved at some point when I was away. The owner came back this morning to remove some steps and  fenders he had left attached to the dock. I asked how the boat fared which was tied to the dock during Sandy.  He said he had some damage in the stern area because every cleet on the dock except for the stern one had been pulled out during the storm. When I looked at the dock he was right four or five cleats were  missing from the dock.

I dropped the boom on BIANKA and removed all the lines. While I was sorting them out.  The owner of a big beamy Regal power boat across the dock  arrived with his nephew. They were there to siphon some gas out of the Uncles boat so they could keep the generator running at home.

As high tide approached I took a lot of the canned goods I had in BIANKA's galley and put them into an empty cooler to bring home along with the Porta Boat dingy. I'm timing this with the high tide because it is easy to lug this stuff  up the gangway at that time. As I was folding the Porta Boat for the last time this season. I noticed that two of the four screws that hold the transom were missing. Not sure how they could have loosened but, found it strange they were gone while the two others were still there and tight.

I also took some time to go over and see a power boat that washed up near the town docks:

There were a few people working on it. Luckily it landed on a sandy patch next to one of the town docks. They had wood rollers underneath and some heavy thick line wrapped around the bow. I wonder if they are going to try to pull it off on the next high tide which according to my Eldridge is about 9 o'clock tonight. I wish them luck.

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