Saturday, January 05, 2013


I went down to the boatyard to check on the boat a few days ago. It's been a busy and cold winter so far. Colder and wetter than last year it seems too. I found the evidence on board where I found the deck bucket filled with six inches of water and frozen solid:

Looking inside it looks like the Nitrile gloves I left in the bucket are not going to be thawed until sometime in the spring:

It was a cold visit on board but, things were ok. Bilge was dry and the batteries charged. I wandered over to the marina office to warm up a little and hear the latest scuttle butt . Looks like I'll be needing to get a bigger mooring as the 300 lbs was no match for the forces of Hurricane Sandy. 

 Some additional heavy weight chain might be in the mix also. Bottom line I'll be needing to open the wallet in the spring for the new mooring setup. But, after what Sandy had wrought it will be money well spent. 

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it seems like it's freezing cold out there. got to prevent having frost bites.