Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I took advantage of the one day of sun and warm temperatures to go check on the boat the other day. I'm glad I did. There was not a breath of wind and the temperature was near 50 degrees F and this was the view from the cockpit:
Hard to believe in a few months the harbor will be filled with several hundred boats on the docks and moorings.
Like two weeks ago I did a quick charge of the batteries using the Dual Pro Battery Charger
. All the batteries were well balanced to each other which was good to see. I was about to lock up when I thought let me check the bilge. Two weeks ago it was bone dry so I thought it would have been OK  When I lifted the floor board I found the bilge full of water. Yikes! Looks like snow from Blizzard Nemo had somehow gotten down below and melted filling the bilge with water. I found the automatic bilge switch not working which is why the water was so high,  I was able to operate the bilge pump with in the manual switch position and drain the bilge. Looks like the first thing on the spring TODO list is to find out why the automatic bilge switch is not working.

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