Friday, June 28, 2013


I like coffee and I like tea
I like the java jive and it likes me
Coffee and tea and java and me 
A cuppa, cuppa, cuppa, cup
Now Capt. Mike likes his coffee in the morning. But, make no mistake I don't pick my anchorages by their proximity to a Starbucks. I tend to get up early since watching the sunrise is one of the simple pleasures on board to be enjoyed with a mug of hot coffee.   I have two ways to make coffee on board. One is with a 12 ounce Bodum French Press Coffee Maker as shown in the photo above. It makes a good cup of coffee. It claims to be able to make three cups but, that would only be for ladies who lunch with pinkies raised. For me it makes only a mug with a little left over. On the negative side it does require one to strain it when pouring into the mug and then of course one has to get rid of the messy grounds at some point to clean it.

Since I hate to wait for my coffee I have found a great alternative to brewed coffee. One that does not have me waiting for that first sip. My preference for my morning joe is Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee . Purist may scoff but, I find the taste very acceptable and is not as acidic and has none of the chemical taste that occurs with other store bought brands. Best of all  a teaspoon or more makes a robust flavored coffee that is drinkable soon as you pour the boiling water into the mug. Plus there are no grounds to clean up or make mess. Add a little splash of some Irish Cream liquor or rum and I'm ready to really enjoy the morning. I also use it when I feel like having a nice Iced Coffee drink in the afternoon since it will dissolve in cold milk too! I originally found the small 2 oz containers in a supermarket but, lately they seemed to have disappeared from the shelves. So I now order it in bulk Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee from Amazon. This ensures I'll be able to have a good fast cup of coffee on board whenever I want it.

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