Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am still constantly surprised by the things I find on board BIANKA even after owning her for eighteen years. As I mentioned I decided to reshuffle some storage lockers to make things easier to get at. When I did I found this:

A brand new  Heat Diffuser  sometimes called a flame tamer. Even better this one has a folding handle:

Which  makes for easy storage on board and is why I missed not finding it for eighteen years as it was hidden away on the side of the locker where it was stored. It will come in real handy on board as I like to cook with things like a 4 quart pressure cooker and using a flame tamer spreads the heat under the pot to help prevent burning. Wonder what other surprises still await for me to find on board?


John Rushworth said...

What does it run on Mike? Is it what we call Meths in the UK? Or to give it a fancy name Bio-Ethanol (which is in fact what I cook with).

Capt. Mike said...

Hi John:
Actually it does not run on anything. It is just put over the gas flame on a stove to help spread the heat evenly so there are no hot spots created on the bottom of the pot.

John Rushworth said...

Aha! It looked like a burner as on my stove or indeed similar to a Fondue Set burner (much the same kind of burner). Anyhow, I'd been looking into an oven. As you know I'd switched from a gas two burner, grill and oven to a simple non gas Meths Stove. It gives me needed accessible storgae now, where the oven used to be. Sometimes though I want an oven though and have found this as one for my wish list. http://www.omniasweden.com/index.php?id=3980

Capt. Mike said...

The Omnia looks interesting. Though I'm thinking if I felt I really need an oven I'd go with a small electric toaster oven and use the Honda 2000 generator. Since I have it on board for battery charging of the propulsion bank already. I plan to look at the area of the old stove for better storage options too but, that's a winter project.