Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I was thinking about my plan to stop using propane on board fed from a central propane tank and just use smaller individual burners using either propane and/or butane canisters as fuel. This plan has worked out well this season. Then I thought in addition to not having to repair the corroded pipe and burners on the stove. I no longer need to use the propane solenoid propane valve that use to feed the propane into the old propane hose for distribution inside the boat. I wonder how many amps that used? So I took out  my Extech MA220 Compact Clamp Meter and measured it:

It was a little over an amp. While not a super heavy draw if left on it does add up especially if you have a weak house bank. So there is some additional energy savings to adopting my new propane plan. That's a good thing.

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